Russia Loves Her Putin-ocracy

Socialist suicide, when, dynasty died!
Then, ‘Soviet’ mask, broke, to bare Russia
Democracy’s dream, as, prophesied
Turned out, to be, a luring inertia!

“A small-time spy! Yeltsin’s protégé!”
Or a, reckless, Russian enigma
“Ration Republic, despotic way”
Was his answer, to the, D-Stigma!

Chechnya…, Crimea…, Syria…, Navalny…
Besides cold war; ravaged economy
No more matter, to, their stupor
Who found, a messiah, in a, big blooper!

Beyond a faith, she found, a God;
Mortgaged, her dreams, to his hypocrisy
With a pride, prejudice, and piety, flawed
Yet, Russia Loves, Her, Putin-ocracy!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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