When Arabs Found A Jew Henchman

“You too Brutus!” convicts Iran, a Shia Bahrain
Slams, statesmanship, for ‘heresy’
A vexed brinksman, calls, their creed, ‘profane’
Who found, new faith, in a Pharisee!

Who chose, bad-blood, o’er brotherhood
Its Shia dogma, o’er, faith’s Umma
Now bears millstone, of, delusion’s deadwood
With the, enigma of, nuclear fatwa!

“Why waste, a friend, o’er Palestine
A paradox, of its, own making
Nuclear Jews, ain’t bad, if they toe, American line
Better than, sick Shias, worth forsaking … !”

Whilst Iran, resents, nuclear estrangement
Arabs play, new pawn, for its, End-Game Plan
To end, an age of, Per(Shia)n torment
When Arabs, Found A, Jew Henchman!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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