… To Decipher Allahu Akbar …

“Avenge, Great Faith, with a, Greater Fear!” –
That’s where, the jihadis, went astray
Had Satan been, newfound, Shakespeare
“Fear redeems, Faith in God” would not, he say!

Did not, they demolish, their, very own myth!
A brotherhood, that loathes, ‘infidels’
Blood-smiths worship, fear, from faith’s megalith
When azan silences, temple and, church bells!

Only their God, is Great, no one else’s
Who hate, to death, every Kaffir’s God!
Bigotry’s seed, from, fortitude’s ashes
Resurrects, Pride, Prejudice, and Piety flawed!

How Fear, could be, Greater than, Faith’s creed!
Divides, two worlds, one conjecture
In Hate’s Farms, first sow, Hope’s Holy Seed
To Decipher, Allahu Akbar … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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