The Tale Of The Trampled Daffodils

How homelands, became, White Colonies!
Is a, deeper, ethnic, enigma
Free will, doomed to be, Red Felonies
Where, hid history, racial stigma!

Was it, ever quest, of a, fertile land
That spurred, the conquest, of a race
Or found, fresh fiefs, with blood, and sand
O’er ethos, of a, lesser tribe, fallen from grace!

From ‘Beaver Wars’, … to ‘Posey War’
Whites tore, to shreds, Red nativity
America’s scar; lasting metaphor –
How civility, costs, identity!

Where’s lost, their soul, faith, heritage …
No love, sprouts there, where, bad blood, spills
An estranged ethos, sighs, with outrage
The Tale, Of The, Trampled Daffodils !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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