In The Spent Delusions Of His Faith

Since snapped, to shreds, Zoroastrian vein
A race, learnt to, disown its past
“Newfound faith, truth, old myth, profane!”
Was a, delusion, to ever last
And trample, their, ethos, aghast!

Which way, to choose, at faith’s crossroads
Was more than, ‘Shia-Sunni’, dilemma
World was, to read, blood-stained episodes
Of a faith, beyond, fear’s enigma!

A Marja‘, is their, heart and soul
Who mourn, each breath, their Imam’s death
He reigns, with fear, Persian Pigeonhole
And sells, each day, faith’s vile shibboleth!

Ever yearns, to lead, Islamic world, from his, little fief
A ‘Messiah’ knows, indeed, he’s a ‘wraith’
Who lingers on, in the fear, of his herd, beyond belief
In The, Spent Delusions, Of His Faith!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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