The Ethnic Scar Of A Black Civil War

Graffitis scream out, epics of, George Floyd
For Godhood, even Christ had, spent an age
May the heavens, fall down, since a, ‘Black Man Died’
And all realms, rage, in Black Outrage!

White Notoriety; Black Pity, Piety …
Are ethnic, metaphors, of our times
Skin determines, substance, of society
We are pawns, of, political paradigms!

Since a, Black Man’s martyred, on a, blue moon day
Rejoice Black Voice, go on, all-out rampage
‘Only Black Lives Matter’, in this, ethnic melee
Whilst the, Black Ethos basks, in a, gilded cage!

Why convict past, for, present’s enigma
You can’t, be a bull, as well, the matador
Don’t baptize, Black Streets, with White Stigma
The Ethnic Scar, Of A, Black Civil War !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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