Every Night Is Here A Christmas Tree

Lasting dreams, redeems, Mount Matterhorn
On guard, between, two worlds apart
Baptized by bliss, every eve, and morn
Each day, magnificence, of Mozart!

Where life, wakes up to, cowbells’ knell
As the, tears of sun, dissolve, in its mirth
Heart can’t help, but be, an infidel
For the lust, of heaven, on the earth!

A beauty, lingers, all the while
In the purity, of, all elements
Love blooms, in farms, of faith fertile
From the, seeds of, splendor’s sacraments!

Twilight, is a kiss, of immortal bliss
When trinity trysts, with, life’s glory
Never ends, with dark, beauty’s epic, so Swiss
Every Night, Is Here, A Christmas Tree!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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