Neither Lost Crusade Nor The Last Jihad …

Don’t baptize, belief, with ‘insolence’
Lest it wound, the truths, and myths, of a clan
Treat with, kid gloves, its ambivalence
Spare a, brittle faith’s fear, your ‘shenanigan’!

Byheart, all laws, of blasphemy
Lest you raze, to dust, a Prophet’s pride
Truth’s pen, with the ink, of alchemy
May etch epic, of your, vain suicide!

There’s a lot, to write, besides one’s faith
And a, lot more sin, for your centerfold
Yet you, dare to be, sardonic wraith
There’s a ‘truth’ too, beyond your, ‘truth’s’ blindfold!

Are they, vain martyrs, of their conjecture
Who laid, bare to bone, a faith’s façade
Will never ever, end, at a caricature
Neither Lost Crusade, Nor, The Last Jihad … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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