A Hundred Years Of Schizophrenia

A dream, from the dust, of Ottoman pride
Was born, beneath blessed, cedar shade
Baptized “Greater Lebanon”, yet belied
Her destiny, that, misery waylaid!

Freedom, from French, wasn’t redemption
From the crusades, that raged, deep within
Two brothers, fought fear, with faith’s passion
Being Muslim, or Christian, wasn’t ever, such a sin!

Caught in, the claws, of trinity
She lost, her existence, to their war
Syrian authority, Israeli hostility, Palestinian duplicity
She lives, each breath, martyr’s metaphor!

This state, has lost, her heart, and soul
Finally faith, found in fear, its panacea
An age, was squandered, on the dole
A Hundred Years, Of, Schizophrenia!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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