Between Left(ism) And Right(ism)

It’s a schism, in the spirit, of our souls!
Or satirical shades, of the, same doctrine
Beyond puffery, of our, political goals
Ain’t dualism, our, sublime sin!

Whilst idealists, deny, newfound prejudice
Rationalists, deify, their pious pride
For some, bloodbaths mean, no malice
For others, ‘change’ means, ethos crucified!

Some sow, in starving souls, socialism’s pipe-dream
And farm, with their blood, crony-capitalism’s fruits
Conformists live, a past, bestowed, to redeem
And chaining posterity, to its, racial roots!

United, we fall, divided, we stand
In our, pursuit to, egotism
There’s nothing, but, distrust’s quicksand
Between Left(ism) And Right(ism)!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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