A Reverie Called “Rastafari … ”

From a pint, of blood, to a pinch, of ash!
Faith is beyond, life, lived in fear
Soul swears, with a smile, thru the, smoke of hash
“Life is ‘Livity‘, not a cross, to bear!”

Black supremacists, searching, severed roots
Of a faith, engraved, in an, African stone
Their Bible is, beyond, white statutes
Which stole, their legacy, and their throne!

They found, new Christ, baptized Him, “Jah
And a Black King, His heir, from Ethiopia
White Jesus, is a myth, called “Jehovah
And Utopia, Promised Land, Africa!

More defiance, in their, acceptance
Yet, more piety, in their, heresy
Who live, inertia, in, nonchalance
A Reverie Called “Rastafari …”

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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