The Satans Of The East

One King, of, Oriental intrusions
One wields, to world, “Islam is Jihad!”
One lingers, in, Ottoman delusions
Last Zoroastrian zealot, in a, Muslim façade!

Statesmen! Brinksmen! Ain’t they, Henchmen!
The keepers, of, hegemony’s creed
Blood-decrees, from their, poison-pen
Sow, in history, hostility’s seed!

Pride, Prejudice, Power, Faith in Fear
Wily doctrines, of, their politics!
In their game, of guile, most sinister
Nations are, pawns of, vile-epics!

They’re vain lords, of, world’s destiny!
Alas! Not a myth, nor a lie, In the least
The saints, of sin, beyond, ethnic scrutiny
Pull off, hope’s heist, The Satans, Of The East!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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