Motherhood Is Sold On Centerfold

It’s all, the rave, and all, the rage
A naked mother’s, two yard, skin
Never had, motherhood been, such outrage
Nor, mother’s metaphor, akin to, sin!

Lo and behold! That ‘Baby Bump’!
She flaunts, in orgies, to the world
A life, too breathes, in that, mortal lump
She stripteases, to a, hideous herd!

Long-lost that age, when ‘Mother’, meant ‘Faith’
Motherhood, a bliss, beyond sublime
Unlike this, barren, pregnant wraith
Who makes motherhood, mere fad’s, paradigm!

Dare I, pay her, a mother’s tribute
Who chose, to be, a prostitute!

A petite toy, is all, she wants, not the, labors’ woes
Nor suckle life, from silicone breasts, rendered, dead cold
It’s no more love, but estrangement, that only grows
When Motherhood, Is Sold, On Centerfold!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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