Nirvana Is Just Salt And Bread

Life’s morsels, from, salvation’s seed
Break free, from fortitude’s, trodden sheaf
Firmer than faith, and its fear, decreed
Is the, hunger’s creed, beyond belief!

What churns, in the, soul of, silent sea
The substance, of, life’s rhapsody
Redeemed by, fiery tears, of sun
For a tryst, in, two worlds’, unison!

True avatars, of that, Holy Grail
Which ever was, yet, never found
Two grains, nurture, immortal tale
Life is that, happenstance, profound!

From soil, and sea, wed love’s ditties
To invent, life’s lore, shred by shred
It’s the sum, of all, profundities-
“Nirvana Is, Just, Salt And Bread”!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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