A Misery Beyond A Thousand Years …

A faith, a fear, a piety, a wrath
A fury blooms, in the farms, of pain
Who baptize, their souls, in bigotry’s bloodbath!
Don’t know, what’s pious, and what’s profane!

Lo and behold! Vain martyrdom
Which left, a lasting schism, in a creed
Two brothers forsook, their faith, to become
Enigmatic twins, destiny decreed!

Holy hysteria, reigns, the Bloodbath Day
When fathers, bleed, their sons’ foreheads
To keep up faith, and its, fear’s melee
O’er lost brotherhood, that lay, in shreds!

May ever last, this faith’s, blood-fest
Seeded by, pain, nurtured by, tears
Man is, a slave of, his bequest
A Misery, Beyond A, Thousand Years …!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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