Palestine Is A Misery Of Her Own Making

Between Hamas, and, Mahmoud Abbas
Lay a, lasting chasm, of, distrust and deceit
Alas! Thanks to this, mean impasse
Gaza, West Bank, shall never, ever meet!

Inner battles, galore, tear their ethos
Who vow, to wage, redemption’s war
Yet can’t forsake, their rancor’s, cross
They bear, to their tombs, jihad’s metaphor!

Abbas’ polemics, Hamas’, blood-epics
Ain’t only banes, of a, long lost cause
With no ethics, just, propaganda, politics
Palestine is façade, of her, inherent flaws!

Doomed to diminish, to a, spent cypher
Is it dream, or a myth, worth forsaking
Two brothers, fight to death, for a moribund mother
Palestine Is A Misery, Of Her, Own Making!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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