Toilets For The ‘Faithless’ Souls

Since Uighurs’ Faith, is, Fascists’ fear
The ‘Communist’ truth, of a, ‘Socialist’ reign
This Arab souvenir, is the cross, they bear
It feels, like sin, lot more, than pain!

Who chose, to be, Chinese doormats
Their ethos, trampled, everyday
Latrines have become, their, holy habitats
Which stink, of their, ethnic decay!

Dragon dares, the world, “Stop Me, If You Can!”
With a blackmail, worth a, Zillion ¥uan
Who buys piety, of a, devious clan –
MBS, Khameine, Imran, Erdogan…!

Since ghettos are, new schools, of regime
To make, Muslims, Socialistic Wholes
Where faith, is pittance, and life, is a dream
And Communism, sells faith, hyperboles
“Toilets, For The, ‘Faithless’ Souls!”

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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