A Lolita And Her Enigma

Who’d want, to give, their girls, that name
Since a theorist, rendered it, to a slur
Neither love, nor passion, succumb to shame
When lust, wants flesh, all limits blur!

When Dolly, dolled-up, in his, naked skin
“Step-father, ain’t father, but unquenched man
Whose love, for his lass, a pre-teen virgin
Ain’t sin, at all” said his, passion’s pious plan!

Incest, rape, debauchery! Was it, all three!
Why ask, only man? For the girl, won’t know!
Sex must, follow law, not pleas, of puberty
Family is, a farm, where virtues must, only grow!

How could it, ever have a, happy end
A yarn of, social shame’s, stigma
An age, will take, to comprehend
A Lolita, And Her, Enigma!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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