May A Hope Now Bloom Beyond FAITH & FEAR

Where peace, too seems, an upheaval
Such is, the creed, of the, Arab World
What’s shrouded, in, this spectacle
Is a, truthful lie, beyond absurd!

Old foes, are new friends, thanks to, Shiite scourge
Nuclear nemesis, of, benign ummah
Will that, peace ever last, which means, to purge
From its, equations, ‘The Iran Enigma’!

Palestine, Turkey, Iran, cannot bear
Burden, of their, bluster’s failure
Since the, Jewish State, withstood, their smear
Phony fear, lost to faith, in an, ethnic affair!

For those, in the throes, of a, looming chagrin
“Ain’t a, Jew friend, worthier, than a, Nuclear Step-Brother!”
May an, old myth die, new truth, begin
May A Hope, Now Bloom, Beyond, FAITH & FEAR!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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