In Search Of That Thought Profound

Does, it exist, until, it is sought
From a cypher, to mortal, paradigm
Or it, lingered as, amorphous thought
In quest, of a form, in the womb, of time!

Between musings, and, social discourse
Our impressions, seed, expressions
In thoughts, that rear, and reinforce
Old delusions, with, new dimensions!

Lo and behold! Mind’s, riots of orgy!
Wherein, thoughts, words, expressions, tryst
Yet estrangement, thru this, rhapsody
Is enigma, of an, alchemist!

What’s lost, to time’s, forgetfulness
Is a naiveté, to be, never found
We’re born, to new selves, more or less…
In Search, Of That Thought, Profound!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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