A Pilgrimage Through Moonless Nights

Since I lost, the substance, of my poise
He mourns, my wounded, womanhood
Whilst the rest, sermonize, advise, “Rejoice!
Bloody good bargain! Life lasts, sans, a gland! Touch wood!”

Before being, beauty’s shroud, wasn’t it, my cherished skin
Two shrines, of sublime love, o’er rhythms, of throbbing heart
Suckled by, puerile hunger, stung by, sensual sin
Before tumor, tore my, world apart!

Were they, for the world, lot more, than for me
Beyond, motherly, sexual, paradigms
They left me, a woman, ever lesser womanly
Living costs, lot more than, life, sometimes!

No more, I feel, life’s lasting caress
Between my breasts, love’s, long-lost rites
Lo and behold! A sexless saintess
On A Pilgrimage, Through, Moonless Nights!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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