Where A Mary Is Raped Everyday

Lest you, be a kaffir, in Holy Land
Where everyday, Christ is, crucified
Learn to endure, that creed’s, quicksand
Wherein genocide is, justified, deified …!

Lest you, have daughters, in Pakistan
Where, infidel girls, are, zealots’ zest
To spare them, the shame of, ‘Allah’s Plan’
Better slay them, to win, honor’s conquest!

Where faith-convicts, are shot dead, in court
Prejudice alone, is, jurisprudence
A ‘Blasphemy Law’, is meant, to distort
For infidels, ethics of, existence!

Forsake fake faiths, embrace Islam
Burn down, your shrines, if so, they say!
May a Mariam, by-heart, hate’s obliged psalm
Where A, Mary Is, Raped Everyday!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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