A Fury Made Of Faith In Fear

Fear learnt, to be, faith’s new paradigm
When a, few mean men, hatched a, vile plan
To baptize world, yet, one more time
With a, profane passion, at the altar, of Satan!

Whilst Hitler, Benito, Hirohito dared
To raze, world ethos, to smoke, and dust
Appeased by, The Big States, who never cared
For, beyond their, dominions august!

What began, in Europe, ceased at, Pearl Harbor
The glory-march, of the, juggernauts
When fortitude believed, in her, faith’s whisper
Freedom costs, more than, wishful thoughts!

Never time, saw such, ethnic vengeance
Since the Japs, fell to, nuclear nightmare
Still kindles, pyre of, man’s insolence
A Fury, Made Of, Faith In Fear!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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