Black Brother, I Lost, To A Wicked, White Stain

It mattered not, till I, understood
My Brother is, indeed a, Half-White man
Was it, White skin, not intellect, that stood
Between, two half-brothers, from the same, Black clan!

What made, you Elitist, never ever, your faith
But the fear, to belong, to a banished, Black race
Lo and behold! World fetes, a laureate-wraith
Who built, an epic name, yet lost, his ethnic face!

He’s a, Rootless Messiah, I refuse, to bow to
Lest Black pride, succumb to, Half-White prejudice
Lost to, mad rat-race, to be, in the, ‘who’s who’
In false, faith’s façade, he’s a, mean mean malice!

How dare, not I say, “He’s cold and ruthless”
Why pious is, ‘White POTUS’ , ‘Black Brother’ is profane
With Barack, I played, his, Black & White, chess
Black Brother, I Lost, To A Wicked, White Stain!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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