The Boon And Bane Of Banality

Why squirm, to break, free of clichés
Invents, wherein world, its joie de vivre
Theorists, hedonists, where, part their ways
Past a, half-conquest, and a, half coup d’état!

Between fear, to end, as a, lost platitude
And a, firm faith, in, social sacraments
Shan’t a soul, smolder in, solitude
When a, mind’s doctrines, a heart, resents!

Do spare, a tear, to pay tribute
O rationalist, to that, pragmatist!
Who kissed, to death, fear, in faith’s pursuit
To be reborn, as an, alchemist!

Be your, grave’s dust, or, substance of time
Bear your, birth’s cross, or rationality
Life’s paradigm, worth a, sin sublime
The Boon, And Bane, Of Banality

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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