Faith Smolders On In The Fury’s Womb

Ain’t faith, beyond, that fear’s façade
Which God, dictates, deploys, Satan
Boys, learn Quran, Men, fight jihad
Whilst bleeds, to death, Afghanistan!

“Get martyred, earn, seventy two virgins”
Ulemas, etched in, every, faith’s henchman
“Shed kafirs blood, for salvation, from sins
Beware! Don’t fall, to that minion, called ‘woman’ ”!

Even sacrifice goes, awry, at times
Ask those, who fell to, Qamar Gul’s wrath
Faith’s, old sacraments, fear’s, new paradigms
Baptized in blood, a belief’s, aftermath!

Lo and behold! Vainglory’s nightmare
Pious pride, ends in, shamed machismo’s, tomb
A prejudice, razed to dust, a fear, laid bare
Faith Smolders On, In The, Fury’s Womb!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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