In The Heart Of An Artichoke

Which riot brews, in its, emerald core
Down the, dormant veins, of renaissance
In inertia, sleeps, splendor’s metaphor
One day, to redeem, senescence’s substance!

In the farms, of human fodder, sway
These, earthy-thorny, enigmas
With a calling, defying, their personae
Lest they, lose to, human triviality, alas!

Why reap, a dream, until, it is done;
Pare, hope’s sanctum, bare, layer by layer
May the, tears of sun, find redemption
Lest the faith, lose to hunger, at the altar, of fear!

Lo and behold! Purple orgy!
Liven up, fortitude’s, masterstroke
Death’s alchemy, to, life’s rhapsody
In The Heart, Of An, Artichoke!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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