Our Prejudices Are Our Only Truths

An enigma, is, each, ethnic tryst
Every discourse, spurs a, thoughts’ conquest
Each theorist, is, an alchemist
In this world, besieged by, beliefs’ slug-fest!

We knew, it all, before Einstein
Truth is, a relative, dimension
Our faiths’, and fears’, figments define
The precincts, of, our pretension!

There is, more fear, in a, pious priest
Than faith, in a, sinful senator
Amid, lies’ sacrament, and, truths’ heist
Each is, an equal, malefactor!

Ain’t we, the makings, of our myths
In magpie’s psalm, we find, our ruths
We’re shadows, of, our monoliths
Our Prejudices, Are Our, Only Truths!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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