Hagia Sophia And A Dystopia

Lo and behold! Turks’ Ethnic Jihad
Faith’s rat-race, of this, Converts’ Clan!
Bares piety’s face, its secular, façade
Only green votes, counts, ‘Saint’ Erdogan!

Angst’s altar, amidst, two faith’s, conquest
Endures onslaughts, of fear, on its soul
Is it Christian, or, Muslim bequest
Faith pays, always, human hegemony’s, toll!

History’s half-truths, and present’s, lies
All add up, to, posterity’s myths
New Prophets, in, Politicians’ guise
Sell, fear’s propaganda, in, faith’s megaliths!

From a church, to a mosque, to a museum, to a tomb
Faith’s a pilgrim, thru, fear’s utopia
Ottoman vanity, found its, new aplomb
Amid, Hagia Sophia, And A, Dystopia!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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