Who Are We If Not What We Think … !!!

God does, play dice, in a, myriad ways
How could we, then be, absolutes
Ain’t existence, a bitter-sweet, malaise
We’re sum, of our, obliged attributes!
Poised between, faith and, fear’s statutes!

Crestfallen, by glares, social slurs
Or in, one-eyed herd, a cynosure
From cradle, to the, forlorn hearse
I’m just, a worldly, conjecture!

A name, a face, a kin, a clan
Is there, no truth, beyond these lies
Our creed, is a, stark shenanigan
The sacrament, world, sanctifies!

We’re prisoners, of, world’s perceptions
Who fear freedom, to, redemption’s brink
Whose expressions, are, obligations
Who Are We, If Not, What We Think … !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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