A Mosque O’er Tombs Of History

Erdogan, is a ‘saint’, who dare, not knows
Wields he, his holy, hegemony
Lost Ottoman, glory’s, tableaux
Rears he, with, blasé, brazen blarney!

“I’ll smear, all Hagia Sophias, green,
The true shades, of my, fief’s faith, and fear!”
Such fanatic fervor, was never, ever seen
Where enigmas, of two faiths, lay bare!

From Istanbul, to, Islam-bul
He parades, his puffery’s, pilgrimage
His chalice, of failings, brimming full
He veils in, pride and, faith’s outrage!

There is, never was, a better alibi
Than this, pious, political, puppetry
It ain’t temple, but a, flagrant lie
A Mosque, O’er Tombs, Of History!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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