Who Scrape Black Redemption From White Dust

Why prejudice, has, outlived, its age
How tardy seems, this spent, aftermath
Where slumbered, this, ethnic outrage
When Blacks, baptized in, White-Bloodbath!

Why Columbus, Colston, Churchill …
Turned out, to be, False Gods, to those
Who sold, their ethos, to White-Will
Now, wake up, from, slavery’s shadows!

Diminish, their glory, to, disgrace
Fell, Dead White men, to, comeuppance
But, have Black men, thus, found their grace
After bearing, histories of, White-Sentence!

Still shroud, their bones, forsaken skins
And souls, forced faith, with its, fear august
Mean Messiahs, of their, cherished ‘sins’
Who Scrape, Black Redemption, From White Dust!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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