Ain’t Jesus Christ A White Bugaboo !!!

Reigns, King of Kings, o’er, a third, of world’s, souls
With an, elegant awe, of fair finesse
Some bought, a belief, some, holy hyperboles
It can’t be, a true faith, which a white, doesn’t bless!

“How could, Gods be, from a, lesser clan!”
Swear cynics, from the, third world’s herd
Who blasphemed, ‘Pagan Gods’, for a, White Super Man
Was old faith, a lie, if it, never mattered!

His cross, He bore, His blood, many more
For millennia, of, sacred slavery
Shepherd crusades, reaped, sheep galore
Thru chicanery and debauchery!

How fear, wreaks faith, in trampled, ethos
And faith, redeems fear, of an, ethnic taboo
Faith’s façade, shrouds fear’s, lasting pathos!
Ain’t, Jesus Christ, A White Bugaboo !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


  • Jesus was born in the Middle East. Not white, not black, maybe brown? Jesus teaches love. He okay with me if he white, black or brown. People are nuts now. Abe Lincoln wasn’t perfect. He fought for freedom of all. Dumb asses are destroying his statue. I don’t know my friend. Maybe time to teach history to our children. Human race been killing each other for many moons. All people, all countries been touched by war. Men greed to own everything, more of a concern than human rights.

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