In This Rainbow Republic

Lest God Baptize, Their Queer Intrigue, Amen!
Seven shades, of a, sexual enigma
When, men find in men, women in women
Wild passion, and pride, amidst, social stigma!

Lest we call, this bargain, ‘laissez-faire’
‘A private affair, of, our privates’
And lay our, ethnic decadence, bare
Since love, is a sin, that lust, dictates!

Between, barefaced love, sensual sacrilege
Behind closed doors, faith consummates, our fear
As though, Cupid on, Satanic pilgrimage
Adam, sans Eve, sighs a, forlorn prayer!

In this fief, of sensual awe, as we flout, the nature’s law
Romeo-Juliet, seems, a Sin-Epic
We are, the makings, of our flaw
In This, Rainbow Republic!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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