The Only ‘Love’ You Left For Me

vikas chandra

Sweet, short-lived sin, September mist
When stockings, lust for, shapely shanks
I love, to death, unfulfilled tryst
In my heart, that throbs, a dirge, of “Thanks”!

Me a, rolling stone, you a, Love Pilgrim
So estranged, with your, lovelorn heart
Amid, soul’s sacrament, heart’s, sinful whim
A woman, stood torn, two worlds apart!

Our eyes, did meet, thru a, banal throng
Whence, hearts bartered, love’s enigma
To my “Life’s a lust, to love, and long”
You’d sighed, your spousal, sin’s stigma!

Where All Begin And End These Trysts
There Enigma Of Love Exists … !!!

What had, to start, with a, fiery kiss
Ended, in a, teary rhapsody
On a, dewy window, graffiti of bliss
The Only ‘Love’, You Left, For Me!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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