The Great African Intellectualism

vikas chandra

Where raised, equator, human race
Before, civilized whites, doled out, its face
Nations, look like, lost, linear equations
O’er grief’s fief, seek, relief’s rations!

With borrowed tongues, and borrowed faiths, and borrowed Gods
Fear seems, to be, their only flair
Dare they, blame west now, for all, their odds
Their decadence, stands out, all the more, bare!

A pauper, reigns o’er, bounty of ores
As an, ethos succumbs to, ethnic bloodbath
Politics are, epics of, tribal power wars
Democracy dictates, here, faith and fear’s, aftermath!

Beyond banal, is, black banality
Its thinkers, satire of, its every ism
Its venality, found, ethical personality
In The, Great African, Intellectualism!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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