A Pilgrimage From Faith To Fear

vikas chandra

Stares at me, myth, I once called, God
With my passion, of, inbred prejudice
From childhood, to manhood, seesawed
A belief, between, instinct and premise!

Humans become, an, ethnic invention
When you sow, in them, the seed, of creed
Bondage is, the only, redemption
For façade, of faith, destiny decreed!

Faith’s fanatics, are, beyond repair
But so, am I, in the, ’holy’ herd
Between piety’s pride, and sin’s, despair
In belief’s rosary, I’m a, tangled jailbird!

And it, shall last, beyond my death
When nirvana’s cross, to heaven’s door, I bear
I’m a pilgrim, wandering, breath to breath
On A Pilgrimage, From Faith, To Fear!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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