A Monster’s Loathsome Letters Of Love

vikas chandra

“We Wade, To Utopia, Thru The, Blood Of Jews”
Was within, this paramour’s, paradigm
Whose prejudice, was his, only muse
And dreadful, ‘love’, his sin, sublime!

A lovelorn lad’s, lust for, old dames;
And the gore, of a well-off, ‘lesser race’;
His long, Hit-List with, Jewish surnames
All found, a place, on his, liebesbriefe‘ face!

“I’ll slay you, after a, moment’s bliss”
“Your half-Jewish roots, wrecked your, sex appeal”
“How, two sisters, fell, for my lethal kiss”
Hitler’s henchman, made passion, a raw deal!

Was love too, Goebbels’, propaganda
Like an, iron first, in a, velvet glove
Not, cherub’s serenade, but, Satan’s memoranda
A Monster’s, Loathsome, Letters Of Love!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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