A Dream Was Born On The Juneteenth Day

Who bartered, life, for existence
Those shadowy souls, sans name, nor face
Between, indifference, and insolence
They found, the true hues, of their race!

Black Christ, bore cross of, negroid skin
To stir compassion, in, white hearts
Until, eons of, ethnic chagrin
Breached barriers, of, racial ramparts!

How a humble, farmer’s son, Lincoln
Turned out, to be, their Redeemer
Whose history, was, dark oblivion
And destiny, a dreadful, satire!

When junipers, bloomed in June, that year
O’er soil, drenched in, black-blood’s melee
The Black Faith, Won o’er, White Skin’s, Fear
A Dream, Was Born, On The, Juneteenth Day!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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