A Dark Enigma In My Bed

She smolders, in, sultry sunset
Staring at sky, where the, trinities tryst
A banal day, with a, black brunette!
Ethical regret, of an, Alchemist!

The ethnic scars, on her, shadowy skin
With white, lust-bites, weave, love’s satire
All shades, are one, in the rites, of sin
Pride, prejudice, deceit, and desire!

She stares, at Brooklyn Bridge, with a sigh
“It weighs, less than, black blood, sweat, and tears…
With past’s pity, present’s pittance, posterity’s lie
Our faith, is a sum, of all, our fears!”

She squirms, as the day, dissolves in night
Moon baptizes, in, sun’s bloodshed
O’er whose, Black Shame, triumphs, White Delight
A Dark Enigma, In My, Bed!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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