Who Come To See Their ‘Nemesis’ Die

How a death, became, a fiesta
To who, spent their souls, on two funerals
Is the, human faith, in vendetta
Deeper than, fear in, death’s shackles!

Ain’t they sadists! How could they be!
When law, set up, this, death-spectacle
Jurisprudence, is that, principled parody
Beyond, deaf, dumb, blind and irrational

All dolled-up, in, crudest finery
As if, for, last nuptial, in their lives
Whilst a man, awaits, divine debauchery
With a hope, one day, a hope, survives!

It seems, for them, an endless wait
To him, his redemption’s, last lullaby
When the, Satan Smiles, they celebrate
Who Come, To See, Their ‘Nemesis’ Die!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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