…The Sons We Lost …

Since the day, war was, a child’s play
When their guns, were mere, shenanigans
To their, baptism in, manhood’s melee
Bloodlines, define, hate’s dimensions!

Why a mother, bears, martyrdom’s curse
And nurtures, death, in life’s cradle
A warrior’s faith, in, Satanic Verse
Is beyond, fear of, Quran, and Bible!

Why a nation’s flag, be, a soldier’s shroud;
Patriotic passion, its, political pawn
Who dies, for a vow, is disavowed
In the wasteland, of glory, left all alone…!

Who pilgrimage, from cradle, to grave
Thru hate’s holocaust, at every dream’s cost
Do shed, a tear, when you bless, them “Brave”
At Our, Pride’s Outpost, The Sons, We Lost … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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