Who Sell Their Faith For A Bag Of Rice

“‘Lesser Souls’, since need, the creed, of Christ
Baptize their herd, in the, Shepherd’s Blood”
There’s more, beyond this, ‘Holy Heist’
A Pious Propaganda, as clear, as mud!

“Don’t feed, ‘Hindu sheep’, who seek fodder
Unless, you bless, their lesser lives” –
A Preacher, Pope’s, pious satire!
Lo and behold! How Vatican’s, sin thrives!

Cold cadavers, queue to, pious church
With gluttonous bellies, and sold out, souls
To end, at last, their futility’s, search
From nonbeings, to, ‘Holy Hyperboles’!

For His, Godly Grub; Bible’s diktats
And a, rosary strung, with ‘Holy Lies’
Flaunt, borrowed faith, ‘Vatican’s Doormats’
Who Sell, Their Faith, For A, Bag Of Rice!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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