Whose Tomb Shall Stand On The Promised Land

A quest, for existence, by a, Prophet’s pledge
A wounded land, baptized by, faith and fear
Whose pasts, presents, futures, live on, the edge
Ethos, for whom, is a Holy Cross, to bear!

Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jerusalem’s East
Is a, scattered state, Palestine to be
Or a, cul-de-sac, to say, the least
For that, Pious Promise, a faith’s decree!

Amidst Arab Ummah, Rightists’ Pride, Leftists’ Lies,
And American, aid to, Netanyahu’s, political dream
All mothers, have learnt, to sacrifice
The lives, of their sons, for a faith, to redeem!

A blood-bathed patch, ever pleads, for peace
How much, more gore, will quench, its sand
When will, end war, of, pride and prejudice
Whose Tomb, Shall Stand, On The, Promised Land!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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