… Lest Time Forget Tiananmen …

Who woke, Mao Zedong, from Communist Tomb
‘Bizarrely’ by, ‘Gate of, Blissful Peace’
Who baptized, democracy, in pogrom
As “Li Peng’s, Blood-graffitied, Masterpiece!”

Young resentment, at, old decadence
Spurred the souls, of, Republic Rationalists
Red dragon, drunk in, insolence
Spewed fury, on, “Socialism’s Heists”!

They could, wipe blood, neither wounds, nor their scars
Nor the, flame of, Republic’s Remembrance
In streets, hearths, and hearts, are fought, democracy’s wars
Freedom never, ever blooms, in the farms, of forbearance!

Mao, Deng, Peng, Xi, can they stop, anymore
A billion mutinies, from breaching, with yen
Despotism’s door, Republic’s, faux metaphor
Lest Time, Forget, Tiananmen … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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