I’m A Parting Shadow Of Twilight

From a, lasting song, to a, lost recall
Their phantasms, linger, still in me
Whose graffitis fade, on my, memories’ wall
Who’d “Never Say Die”, now rest, by the sea!

Of those, who remain, I am, but one
Sipping, time’s poison, thru, senescence’s spoon
As I gaze, at eventide, bleeding in, tears of sun
And kiss, moribund mermaids, baptized by, sin of moon

I’m a, pilgrim to, that horizon
Where the, sun sinks, never to, rise again
To dissolve, in that, infinite unison
Where soul, breaks free, from faith, fear and pain!

I search, for my, rosary, strewn in sand
Until, Lord’s Lighthouse, heaves in sight
Bereft of dreams, left in, life’s wasteland
I’m A, Parting Shadow, Of Twilight!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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