STILL Black IS Black And White IS White … !!!

STILL a Black, beneath, a White man’s, boots
Couldn’t four centuries, change, ethnic shades!
White skins; Black ‘hides’; bitter truths, of our roots
At black ethos’s cost, White pride’s escapades!

“Do lick, road-tar, as Black, as you are
And sniff, trodden dust, you’d ever belong!”
Implied White cop, whilst he ripped, the racial scar
An antiquity, old, an eternity, long!

STILL a Black man, is, what a White man, thinks
Why a race, lost race, by beyond, an age!
White ethnic prejudice, STILL stinks, and stinks …
From the, gangrened soul, of, Black outrage!

O Lord! Is it you, or evolution!
Behind, stark metaphor, of day, and night
A Dark Dream, Dares, Its Conviction
STILL Black, IS Black, And White, IS White!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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