A Tryst With Ignominy

Lo and behold! Nehruvian bane!
The night, we lost, the Hindu Land
To a treachery, sowed in, a nation’s vein
By a dynasty, in a, treason, grand!

Could Jinnah, ask for, a smidgeon more
Than a, Hindu loss, to a, Muslim fief
When his abettor, from the, backdoor swore
“India is a tomb, trampling, Hindu belief!”

Never Hindu State, but a, Secular Sham
Thanks to, Faux Gandhis’, Jihadi Vote Banks
Led by philanderer, to an, Italian Madam
Satans reigned India, through all, its ranks!

On that, ominous night of, 15th August
An ethos, lost, its destiny
A Dynasty Demolished Our Dream To Dust
In India’s, Tryst, With Ignominy!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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