Melts Moon’s Mystique All Thru The Night

A candle, of, remembrance
That throbs, with yearning’s, rhapsody
Amid tides, of fear, and forbearance
A lighthouse sears, its soul, by the sea!

From the tomb, of sun, in twilight’s blood
A mystic, resurrects, yet again
To stray thru, world of, stone and mud
And dreams, weaved with, hope’s lies, truths of pain!

Ablaze are, faith’s farms, in its streak
Every soul, reflects, its enigma
In the fear, of dark, soul’s solace, we seek
What makes night, a sin of, profound stigma!

A pilgrim, plods, from dusk, to dawn
With borrowed dreams, and, stolen light
Tethered to, life’s lasting, liaison
Melts, Moon’s Mystique, All Thru The Night!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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