Faith Is A Compulsive Disorder

In confessional, sat, a pious priest, recounting, his faith’s, rosary beads
Beside a madman, who stank, of an age
Earnt with, spent by, public proceeds
Priest, scorned “grime” with, pompous outrage!

“I’ll prove, to you, we ain’t different”
Guffawed madman, at the, provoked priest:
“Jibber-jabber on…, to your, heart’s content
Lest you, pull off today, my faith’s heist”

The madman, seized his rosary; and strewed it, all o’er, the floor
“59 times now, you find, lost faith” the lunatic said
The paranoid priest, in him awed, at his piety’s, neurotic metaphor
He left Bible, at madman’s feet, to search, the scattered, beads instead!

Pastor turned back; to see, his Holy Writ, shredding to, bits
As the madman roared, at his, fragile faith’s, fear
“Faith is, Fear’s creed, Man Inherits
Faith Is, A Compulsive, Disorder!”

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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